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Everyone who thinks they want to get into Real Estate Drone photography

20 Feb 2017

Everyone who thinks they want to get into Real Estate Drone photography, or videography, has a misinterpretation, of what's expected from the Realtor. You have to remember that your drone is only a 5% use of your tools set, and the rest would be video equipment that would need to be used for ground footage. Some Pilots feel they can use their Drone indoors, which is huge risk factor and liability. 


So you have to stop and think for a sec, is Real Estate really going to pay off? do I have the skill set other than knowing how to fly a drone? Performing ground video footage, and as well knowing how to capture still images using a DLSR other than your drone takes years of experience. You can't just think you are going to jump right in there and produce a top quality video that the Realtor is gong to want to use. 


So why not consider Air Dronez 4 Hire, they are the most reliable real estate property and interior photography service available in Sacramento County and surrounding areas.

Last Modified: Tuesday 21 February 2017 08:24
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