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Air Dronez 4 Hire, Is Your One Stop Shop For Realtors 

We are a Sacramento County based real estate video and photography team dedicated to increasing realtor showings and maximizing the exposure of MLS listings. Whether it be aerial drone video/photography and/or ground video, 360 Virtual Tour Walk-Throughs, to website development or print, our team will take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Air Dronez 4 Hire is the most reliable real estate property and interior video & photography service available in Sacramento County and surrounding areas. Professional photos and striking video will enhance your professional image, sell more properties and attract more clients. We work with many of the Sacramento’s top selling real estate agents and home builders, and we have the experience and talent to deliver the results you need.

We have been flying Drones professionally since 2014 while adding an aerial photo and video to our arsenal when the FAA release the new Part 107 Regulations. Our clients are Real Estate Agents, Architects, Builders, Contractors, Interior Designers, Stagers and pretty much anyone whose business is related to buildings and interiors. Our clients trust us to see the world through their eyes, to exhibit the uniqueness of each space, and shed as far away from mediocrity as possible.

AirDronez4Hire is your best choice for drone aerial videography photography covering the surrounding areas such as  Sacramento  Roseville and Folsom

6 Essential Tips to Get Your Home Photo Ready

1. Vehicles

Remove all cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, kids toys, etc. from the driveways and do not park directly in front of the house. This is the money shot… Let’s make it look good!

2. Lights

Turn on all the lights (inside & out) and anything with a light bulb (accent lamps included), at least 10 minutes prior to your photographer arriving. Also, Turn ceiling fans off.

3. Exterior

Remove garbage and recycling cans out of sight, along with all garden tools, hoses, yard waste, and clutter. Make sure your exterior displays excellent curb appeal. 

4. Lightbulbs

Replace all burned out light bulbs throughout the interior and exterior of the house. Good lighting is very important for good photos.

5. Clutter

Remove sink soap bottles, rags, tissue boxes, personal photos, remotes, laptops/tablets, kid toys, etc. from all floors, bookshelves, tables, and appliances. No clutter.

6. Pets

Remove all pets including kennels, litter boxes, pet bowls, pet toys, pet beds/towers, walking leashes, etc. out of sight. Hide all traces of animals.

Virtual Tours

With a click of a Button, you can switch to VR Mode, bringing your 360 Virtual Tour To Life, Putting yourself within the Tour

View Some Of Our Live Samples, and you be the Judge.


Partner Program

The Air Dronez 4 Hire (AD4H) Brokerage Partner Program makes our services available at an even more affordable price to agents affiliated with our brokerage partners. AD4H offers three Brokerage Partner Programs:

For brokerage partners with up to 250 affiliated agents, we offer the AD4H Signature Package for $140 ($150 retail value). This corporate discount is based on billing the agent.

For brokerage partners with more than 250 affiliated agents, we offer the AD4H Signature Package for $130 ($150 retail value). This corporate discount is based on billing the agent.

For brokerage partners who wish to offer AD4H Signature photography services as an agent benefit, we offer the AD4H Signature Package for $130 ($150 retail value). This corporate discount is based on invoicing the brokerage for services rendered on a weekly basis.

Program Benefits
As a Brokerage Partner, your firm will enjoy these additional program benefits:
FREE photo shoots that you can give to agents for recruiting and retention
Additional discounts on promoted services throughout the year
AD4H customer appreciation events and merchandise

Program Qualifications
To qualify for the program, brokerages must link to the AD4H website, allow us to present at office meetings at least once a year and allow delivery of promotional marketing materials to agents. Call (916) 473-3892 or get in touch below to get started.

Contact Us.


What is your turnaround for photos?

Our turnaround is typically 24 hours after the photo shoot is completed. We strive to get the pictures to you as quickly as possible. Just like you and your client, we are always excited to get our photos online for everyone to view.

If you need to receive the photos within the 24-hour window, please note this in your ‘Additional Information’ when placing your booking request. Please be aware that you may be subject to a Rush Fee for the expedited photos.

What is your turnaround for videos?

We strive for 72-hour turnaround (3 business days) when it comes to videos. Video production is a completely different animal compared to photos. There’s more content to sift through, more TLC when editing, and if you have ever experienced the hair-pulling delay of rendering video clips… you have a full understanding of why it takes longer.

What if I need to cancel my photo shoot?

In the event you need to cancel your photo shoot, you’ll need to contact Air DronezDronez 4 Hire immediately by phone, text, or email. Your appointment will be canceled and a credit will be issued to your Air Dronez 4 Hire account. No refunds will be given.

What if it’s raining, snowing, or cloudy?

We love Mother Nature as much as you do (most of the time), but every now and then she doesn’t cooperate when providing clear blue skies. In the event that weather is approaching, you’ll need to contact an Air Dronez 4 Hire representative and reschedule your photo shoot by 5:00 pm EST the day prior.

How will I receive my files?

You will receive a download link from Hightail directly to the email you have provided Aerial State. This download link is active for 7 days before deletion from Hightail’s servers. If, for whatever reason, you don’t download your file(s) before the link expires, just shoot us an email and request those files to re-uploaded.
Note: You can only download your files to a desktop computer. The download link will not work on a tablet or smartphone.

Got a question?

We love speaking to our existing clients and meeting new ones. For more information on our services, or to simply ask general questions, don’t hesitate to buzz us via phone or email.